About Shelly & Her Bean Bags

Shelly is a certified Speech Language Pathologist with over 20 years of experience in treating students with speech and language impairments in public and private school settings.  She has been recognized by the American Speech Language and Hearing Association for her excellent commitment to continuing education.

Shelly’s Therapeutic Bean Bags are unique.  Each bean bag shows a colorful animal-themed print and is made from the highest quality fabric.  Each bean bag is made individually and has two layers of interfacing and double stitching for lasting durability.  Every bean bag contains hypoallergenic poly- pellets and is completely washable.

Bean bags are amazing therapeutic tools.  Bean bags are an essential therapy tool that can be used to target a multitude of skills, such as following directions, matching, identifying body parts, building spatial skills, asking and answering “wh” questions...and much more! Therapeutic bean bags save speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, and preschool teachers countless hours of planning time, and can be used again and again.  Shelly’s Therapeutic Bean Bags are extremely versatile and can be used individually or in group activities with peers of all ages.  They are perfect for active lessons but are also very calming.

Bean bags are also an excellent way to reinforce students’ positive behavior in an active, fun way, such as tossing bean bags in a bucket, stacking them, or collecting them after completing tasks.

Bean bags help students be more active participants in lessons and can be used in group language lessons in countless ways.  During greetings, students can pass the bean bag to the friend he or she will greet.  When sharing news or answering questions, students can better understand turn-taking and respect when the student who is taking his or her turn is holding the bean bag.  I have observed teachers using bean bags to help students understand how to demonstrate respect for the speaker during the show-and-tell and other sharing activities. There are many bean bag songs for building direction following skills available that can be used individually and in group lessons.

These therapeutic bean bags are also gentle, calming, tactile fidgets that are perfect to use in school and at home.